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Behind The Scenes Of A Closed Loop AP Clinical Trial; Guest Blogger Abby Bayer Shares Her Personal Story

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Abby Bayer and I have never met, but we have a lot in common. We’re both PWDs, DOCs and T1Ds. Say what?

Abby Bayer smiles during her Closed Loop AP clinical trial in Boston last December.

As I enter my second month as the “CEO and Chief-Bottle-Washer” at We R the Cure.com, I am now a new member of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), basically a growing family of advocates and social media amateurs who blog, share personal stories and strive to help themselves and other PWDs ( Persons With Diabetes) — not MWDs (Mice With Diabetes). In the DOC, connecting with fellow T1Ds who are traveling the same “highs and lows” road is the “Glue-cose” that holds us all together. Forgive me, I couldn’t resist the corny joke.

Anyhow, back to my new friend, Abby. She recently blogged a two-part series on her participation in an Artificial Pancreas Closed Loop Clinical Trial in Boston. Abby is a Cure Seeker. She is giving her time, her talent and — her blood — in search of real solutions. That’s why I started this blog — to showcase the Cure Seekers and report on the human clinical trials that need more humans, according to Dr. Desmond Schatz, Medical Director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence at the University of Florida.  Together, We R the Cure, but we need more trial participants like Abby.

Read Abby’s two-part story on the SixUntilMe blog. You Rock Abby!

Editor’s Note: My sincere thanks and appreciation go to Abby and Kerri Morrone Sparling, the founder/editor of SixUntilMe — the amazingly awesome blog for Type 1Ds and the people who know us and love us. Thanks for giving me permission to share SUM editorial content on my blog!  Ironically, Abby and I were both diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1998.

Next Post — We R the Cure bloggers will report on the news coming from the JDRF Research Summit held Feb. 18 in Bethesda, MD. Here’s a hint: Dr. Schatz wants to cure humans with T1D not just mice.


Author: werthecure01

Diabetes doesn't define me; it inspires me to define the future for individuals living with autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes. -- Mike Anderson, diagnosed 1998.

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