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Diabetes Costs Money, Takes Lives

Each year, more than 15,000 children and 15,000 adults, approximately 80 people per day, are diagnosed with T1D in the U.S?!

  • Type 1 affects as many as 3 million people in the U.S. alone, and results in nearly $15 billion in healthcare costs each year.
  • Contrary to the misconception: 85 percent of people living with type 1 diabetes are adults. Obviously, a lot of young children have grown up. Now they are adults with Type 1.
  • The average annual medical costs of kids and teens with diabetes is $9,000, compared to $1,500 for those who don’t have diabetes.
  • The rate of type 1 diabetes incidence among children under the age of 14 is estimated to increase by 3% annually worldwide.

And the climax:

  • 1 in 20 people, an estimated 2-4 percent and 6 percent in patients younger than 40 years old, will die from severe hypoglycemia.  That’s having a low blood sugar that produces seizures, coma and death. Of the estimated 3 million people in the U.S. with type 1 diabetes, that’s approximately 150,000 people. That’s like wiping out Chattanooga, Tenn. or Rockford, Ill. — wiping them right off the map.
  • So, that’s why we push the FDA, our family, friends and total strangers — for greater awareness and more money. We need better technology, new solutions and real Cures. The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades. But if you’re living with diabetes, it’s not coming fast enough. Will you help?  We R the Cure.

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