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Spare A Rose, Save A Child : Can You Spare $5 or More To Deliver Insulin

Sometimes, all you have to do is Stop, Look, and Listen. Then you see the blessings surrounding you and give thanks.

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Click here or visit http://www.p4dc.com/spare-a-rose/ for more information

I have several unopened vials of Insulin in my refrigerator waiting to be used thanks to my health insurance and my co-pays. It still costs too much. However, I have it. Without insulin, persons with Type 1 diabetes would look pretty darn weak, sick or worse. But that’s another story for another day. Today, it’s time to raise some awareness.

The International Diabetes Federation runs a program called Life for a Child. Life for a Child provides insulin as well as other diabetes supplies and education to more than 12,000 impoverished children living in 43 developing countries. Without this help, there is a good chance they would not survive. In some areas, the life expectancy of a child with type 1 diabetes is less than one year.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Diabetes Online Community is spreading the news about the “Spare a Rose, Save a Child” campaign encouraging people to spend the amount they would spend on one rose to save the life of one child. Just five dollars will help support a child for a month. A dozen roses would help a child for a year. The IDF’s goal for 2014 is to raise $10,000!

Insulin was first invented in 1921. It’s not a cure, but no one should die from diabetes in 2014 because of lack of insulin. Insulin is available. So let’s get it to those who need it most. Thanks for your help!


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The Frederick Banting Foundation: Raising New Capital To Support Unrecognized Technologies

The Frederick Banting Foundation welcomes support from other like minded donors.  We operate in the spirit of Dr. Frederick Banting who discovered insulin in four years with little funding.

Dr. Frederick Banting, Right, and his team of scientists discovered insulin 90 years ago.

Dr. Frederick Banting and his team discovered insulin 90 years ago.

The Frederick Banting Foundation seeks to make transformative investments where our capital can generate significant scientific project towards improving the lives of those suffering with Type 1 Diabetes and eventually towards a cure.  All research projects are personally selected by those suffering with or caring for those with Type 1 Diabetes.  The Foundation frequently partners with leading sponsors of research such as the National Institute of Health, JDRF and the University of Virginia.

We seek to be good stewards of our causes.  The Board contributes generously to the Frederick Banting Foundation.  We also keep Foundation operating costs to an absolute minimum and as a result there is virtually no overhead. This group was established in 2011 by Richmonders Fred and Susan Russell, whose son, William, is living with Type 1 Diabetes.

To discuss a donation call Fred Russell at 804-648-4802 or email him at Fred@BantingFoundation.com.

The Frederick Banting Foundation’s “investment” strategy is:

  • to provide funds over several years as a source of more permanent capital,
  • to support projects that might not otherwise get funded especially for projects offering  a compelling risk/reward balance,
  • to avoid supporting institutional overhead,
  • to have ongoing access to project leaders,
  • to receive reports outlining performance to expectations,
  • to involve other like-minded donors, and
  • to obtain confirmatory due diligence in advance of funding.

Utilizing our venture capital experience, the Foundation hopes to select promising research projects where the Frederick Banting Foundation’s funds can accelerate unrecognized or under-appreciated technologies where we believe our funding can be a catalyst to stimulate rapid development or adoption.

Article Reprint Courtesy of The Frederick Banting Foundation