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News Update: Yale Study Reports On A Drug That May “Preemptively” Delay T1D Development

Scientists at Yale University recently found a mechanism of action by which Teplizumab, an anti-CD3 antibody may be working as an immune therapy for Type 1 diabetes.

Teplizumab, the drug used in the study, is thought to work by shutting off a part of the immune system most responsible for attacking these insulin-producing cells and generating long-term immunoregulation to control this misguided autoimmune response. While previous trials tested whether Teplizumab might preserve insulin production in people recently diagnosed with T1D, researchers are now also studying whether the drug might preemptively prevent or delay the development of T1D in at-risk individuals.  One such study is being conducted by the National Institutes of Health’s Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet.

Currently, once T1D starts to develop, there’s no intervention developed to stop it. The immune system slowly and inevitably kills the pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin, a hormone that enables people to get energy from food. As a result, people with T1D have to test their blood sugar and give themselves insulin (with injections or an insulin pump) multiple times every day in order to stay alive. What’s more, reversing T1D remains an elusive and complicated challenge, requiring restoration of the insulin-producing cells that were destroyed, as well as solutions to turn off the misguided immune system attack on insulin-producing cells.

The latest findings about Teplizumab are reported in the current issue of the journal Science Translational Medicine

News Release courtesy of JDRF.org.

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Interested in a clinical trial? Check out these starting points

  • Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet is a group of studies looking at the prevention and early treatment of type 1 diabetes. This site provides information about ongoing and completed TrialNet Studies.TrialNet performs trials for newly diagnosed or at risk individuals for type 1 diabetes.
  • The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) conducts clinical trials and tolerance assay studies in the following disease areas: Transplantation (Islet, Kidney, Liver), Autoimmune Diseases, and Allergy & Asthma. Information is provided on current clinical trials in new onset type 1 diabetes.
  • ClinicalTrials.gov also lists NIH-sponsored trials that have been scientifically reviewed through NIH mechanisms and approved by government council.
  • Children with Diabetes lists a number of trials actively seeking participants.
  • CenterWatch also includes geographic listings of current trials regarding type 1 diabetes.

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